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Content Marketing & Custom Editorial

Content marketing is gaining ground because it makes great sense: Once customers and prospects are on your site, you want them to stay a while.

What’s more, as you drive visitors to the site from social media outlets, you want optimized content waiting for them. Content that helps them solve problems. Stay informed. Entertains them.

Sensible, yes. Filled with marketing opportunity, absolutely. And definitely not for every company. (See sidebar)

The brand-as-publisher trend is at a frontier moment, requiring companies to first figure out what matters to their customers, and then create content intriguing enough to keep them coming back.

That’s where I come in, with ideas, research, analysis, layout, and content. Even visual content like multimedia and infographics requires, at its heart, research and a strong narrative. 

Talk to me today about creating targeted, sharp copy for your content marketing plans.

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Sales & Marketing Collateral


Truth is, creating conversation about products and services is the essence of any company’s business. No buzz, no revenues. Making it compelling and intelligent, however, takes a mash-up of styles.

Smart B2B sales and marketing collateral has to inform and engage prospects about complex products and services. It’s got to be clear and persuasive and advance sales strategies. And to be memorable, it needs the brevity of social media and the flair of ad copy.

Find the power in your story. Let’s work together to create messaging that resonates with prospects and customers and complements your sales and marketing strategies.

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Thought Leadership


There’s an important difference, and it starts with your ideas (always go big) and writing (always be clear).

Thought leadership encompasses many elements like eBooks, industry surveys, and even blog posts. (In fact, there’s much debate over just how to define it. See my post here.)

White papers are the star vehicles of B2B thought leadership. They’re the essential tools for creating dialog and associating your company with the issues that matter to your industry. The best white papers do more than add to the dialog. They drive it. 

So launch the conversation. What issues are important to your company, industry, and clients? I work collaboratively with clients to help them choose the white paper topics that support their marketing strategies. Then I write the heck out of them: Researching the topic, conducting interviews, providing analysis, and finding interesting ways to tell often-complex stories.

You get content that’s read. More important, your company gets the foundation from which to establish its leadership on the issues of the day.

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